Thursday, 9 June 2016

Little boxes of cereal

Remember those little boxes of cereal? 

I had an enormous amount of fun with those little packets of cereal as a child. I always have the same fun as an adult, especially when I go on holidays. These little boxes of cereal are a quick form of nutrition and allow variety. I don't know about you but the same breakfast over and over gets a bit boring- must be the French in me.

This morning, I picked Coco Pops. I was never really allowed to have this cereal as a child, so I take much pleasure in taking the more "unhealthy" cereals first. Then, I move onto the "Sustains" and "Just Rights!" 

Does anyone else have childhood memories of these cereals?

View from my window

The Yarra River- Good morning Melbourne
Well, I can see the rowers out. I suppose Melbourne is the Olympic capital of Australia. So that was a pretty impressive start to my morning. 
Tried to figure out how to open the door so I could go outside but didn't quite work! Ey- it's too early!


Hi everyone,

Well I am on an adventure to Melbourne. I am sitting in the Docklands apartment over looking the city. Pretty spectacular. Some pictures to come. The apartment is heated- just as well because Melbourne is colder than Perth. I just arrived a few hours ago from Perth. I'm here to watch some oldies ice-hockey. Can't take the ice-hockey out of the Canadian!

Anyway, my trip started off with a meal in the Qantas Club Business class lounge! I enjoyed the home-made pizzas, vegetables, meat, brownie and sparkling water, compliment of my dad's Premium membership. The Qantas flight wasn't full and the seat next to me was free. The flights now have iPads to watch movies which is kind of cool. The meal provided was chicken and noodle stir fry- it was okay, luckily had eaten some food before hand. The bounty ice-cream and chocolate were pretty yummy.

Well dinner calls!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Princess Jazz

Meet Jazz.

She is the Princess of the house. She has two beds and her own chair- at least she doesn't come into our beds or jump up on the couch. She sleeps in the house, of course. She makes funny noises when she's happy and she loves trying to lick people in the face- the ears if her aim is good, the mouth if her aim is bad. She loves chasing cars and licking yoghurt tubs- in fact, she will eat most food! She loves carrots. She'll hear a carrot being peeled and wait for the carrot ends to be thrown to her- yes she can indeed catch the pieces in her mouth. She's afraid of thunder and hates loud noises. She's very timid and hardly barks; great guard dog she is! She likes to play games. Her favourite game is going 'in' and 'out' 'in' and 'out' and 'in' and 'out,' which is strange because sometimes she decides to go outside when it's raining and windy. Go figure. She loves going for runs at the park- not to play with dogs but to see the humans. She's a people kind of dog!

I love her!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Do you like Indian food?

Coconut Rice!

I am a huge fan of Indian cuisine!

I love Cinnamon's Coconut Rice!

Raj Mahaal cook's an amazing Butter Chicken!

Have you tried an amazing restaurant of any cuisine?

Comment below if you please!




Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog! So please be kind.

I am trained as an English and French teacher, I tutor English and French school aged students and Education units at Western Australian Universities.

I  love reading and writing and I hope to be published one day.

I post some scribblings for picture books, articles about world affairs and my weekly happenings.

I'd appreciate feedback and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about.